A Global Dry Bulk Operator

"Western Bulk is an experienced, trading oriented and asset-light dry bulk operator, exploiting technology, analytics and risk management to succeed in a highly competitive and global shipping market.

Our staff represent the key competence and mindset of Western Bulk, and they are our most valuable asset."


Hans Aasnæs, CEO

Our Business Model

Customer Relationships

Relationships are crucial for our business. We depend on our customers and tonnage providers to maintain and develop our large and diversified trading pattern, and we are always working hard to strengthen and grow our customer base. Our goal is to be your first choice when you are looking for a dry bulk operator.

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Risk Management is an important part of Western Bulks strategy. We constantly monitor our market exposure, and make sure we allocate our risk capital in the most optimal way.

Technology, Data and Innovation

Western Bulk is in the forefront of technology, using data to make the best decisions and have hairy goals for the future of shipping.


Flexibility and Optionality

Flexibility and optionality are key drivers in Western Bulk's business model. Our decentralized organization empowers our commercial teams with a high degree of autonomy, who can turn around and make decisions quickly.


Get in Touch

Oslo office (HQ)
Henrik Ibsensgt. 100,
PO Box 2868 Solli,
0230 Oslo

Phone: (47) 2313 3400

Singapore office

16 Collyer Quay #28-01
Singapore 049318
Phone: (65) 6653 2300

Seattle office

1001 Fourth Avenue
Suite 4105
Seattle, WA 98154
Phone: (1) 206 292 0909

Santiago office

Edificio Mistral, Rosario Norte #615
Of. 1903, Piso 19
Las Condes, Santiago
Phone: (56) 2 2714 7300

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