Our business model

Cargo owners

Producers, trading houses and recievers

Western Bulk

Efficiently matching cargo with vessel to create an optimal transportation service

Vessel providers

Vessel owners located worldwide

We are a global dry bulk operator matching cargo with vessels under all market conditions; chartering vessels from various vessel owners and transporting cargo for customers worldwide. We have an asset-light business model, combining advanced risk management, market data and analytics to optimize fleet deployment and vessel-cargo matching.

An open and cooperative culture with enhanced customer focus

In Western Bulk we have a strong and agile commercial culture where individuals are given delegated responsibility and room to grow with their tasks.

Building on this, we have established an open culture where we share knowledge, information and business across offices and teams – making us more than just the sum of our parts.

Our values


Energetic, responsive, flexible and nimble


Dependable, sincere, humble, steadfast and attentive

Risk aware

Making informed and calculated decisions, mindful of challenges


Curious, adventurous, ambitious, always pursuing opportunities

Responsible business conduct

Western Bulk views responsible business conduct practices, including environmental and social standards, as key to reducing the impact of marine activities. Western Bulk is committed to promoting responsible and sustainable practices as global, corporate citizen and within our sphere of influence as ship operators.

Adhering to high standards in Responsible Business Conduct (“RBC”) within the Group’s businesses has positive impacts on results and makes Western Bulk competitively stronger in a sector where customers are increasingly driven by such factors when choosing their business partners.

Western Bulk’s Code of Conduct and related internal policies establish clear expectations for all parts of the Group’s business with regard to good corporate conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Code of Conduct includes requirements and clearly communicates the Group’s expectations related to dealing with third parties and matters of integrity.

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Our commercial teams

Western Bulk runs a flat and decentralized structure. Our eight commercial teams run their own book of vessels and cargo contracts, and have responsibility for a geographical area or a vessel segment.

Management team

Image of Hans Aasnæs

Hans Aasnæs

Chief Executive Officer

+47 23 13 34 00

Image of Kenneth Thu

Kenneth Thu

Chief Financial Officer

+47 23 13 34 00

Image of Egil Husby

Egil Husby

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

+47 23 13 34 00

Board of Directors

Image of Bengt A. Rem

Bengt A. Rem

Chairman of the Board

Image of Erik Borgen

Erik Borgen

Member of the Board

Image of Tord Meling

Tord Meling

Member of the Board