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Human Capital

Our people are a crucial resource to us. Our staff represent the key competence and mindset of Western Bulk, and they are our most valuable asset.

We work continuously to ensure a steady flow of knowledge and learning within our organization. We recruit new talents and largely seek to develop our people internally. Gradually, we have built a solid base of highly skilled employees, who are one of the main reasons for Western Bulk's success.

We believe in the strength of empowerment, and have chosen to build our activity on a flat and decentralised organisational structure. Decision-making authority is pushed as far down into the organisation as possible, facilitating quicker and better decisions and strengthening accountability.

For this to work we work to foster close relationships between business units, and to ensure a seamless and constant flow of information between the units. This fuels cross-department learning and enables easy access to valuable market information.

A decentralized decision-making structure builds a good team spirit and a co-operative culture, and it gives our employees a higher degree of authority and responsibility. Altogether this increases ownership to decisions while reducing time spent on decision-making. The on-going interaction between our highly talented individuals, strong teams and well-organized business units is a key success factor for our Company.