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Flexibility and Optionality

Flexibility and optionality are key drivers in Western Bulk's business model. Our decentralized organization empowers our business units with a high degree of autonomy, who can turn around and make decisions quickly.

Decisions are based on market dynamics and trends in their own part of the world, assisted by input from other business units. In combination with our asset light model, this enables us to rapidly adjust our activity to changing market environments and trading patterns, and to adjust differently in different areas. Our scale provides an additional element of flexibility, as it always puts us in a position to access pockets of opportunity.

The dry bulk market offers access to significant amounts of optionality, such as the option to extend the duration of a time charter contract at a fixed price, the option to replace a vessel with another, and the option to carry different amount of volume on a voyage, all of which further increase our flexibility. Our ability to put this optionality into a system and to utilise it in a structured way adds to our ability to constantly optimise our portfolio. For our customers this means more flexible and more competitive services.