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We aim to further develop our position as one of the world’s leading operators of medium-sized dry bulk vessels.

We seek to continue to optimise our operations with a moderate risk profile. By constantly refining our advanced risk management systems we ensure that we adapt to a continuously changing market environment in a controlled manner.

Our unique business model is based on scalable and asset-light operations, with extensive use of optionality in our trading activities. The world fleet of medium-sized dry bulk tonnage is fragmented, and we believe that an agile approach to growth will provide significant opportunities for further value creation. We will seek to grow our market share in the segments we operate in - Handysize and Supramax/Ultramax.

Our business is a people’s business. We acknowledge the importance of our employees in order to succeed, and we have a firm strategy on how to attract, retain and develop our personnel. Our mix of competences revolves around shipping expertise and trading oriented skills, ranging from internally developed talents to experienced industry leaders. We will remain focused on the careful building of our global teams of dry bulk operators, believing in the competitive edge provided by our people and the Western Bulk culture.

In general, the competitive advantages provided by scale, global reach, advanced systems, culture and people are not easy to replicate, and represent significant barriers of entry for anyone seeking to challenge our position as a world-leading dry bulk operator. Western Bulk will continue to leverage on this position for the benefit of owners and other stakeholders.