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The shipping industry is constantly changing, and at an increasing pace. Western Bulk are leading this change with our strategy to exploit and explore: 

  • We exploit the possibilities that exist in our current business model with the tools and systems that we already have. We must strive for operational effectiveness and help the business to improve by finding technology that better solves our business needs. 
  • We look at the future and explore new ways of working, new markets and new technologies. We don't need to watch out for the disruptors, we need to find and join them. We don't have to do everything by ourselves, but should share and develop in partnership with others. 

 “Everyone knows shipping is a lot about gut feeling and guestimates, but we want to support these human factors with real non-biased data to make the optimal decisions” 

Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology 


What we do

Martin Hjelle

Head of Technology

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Aina Huseby

Business Application Manager

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Sincherng Mak

Business Applications Specialist

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Torkjel Ustgård Hurtig

Tech Business Developer

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