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Seattle, USA

The Western Bulk Chartering Seattle office has been in operation since 1995 when Western Bulk acquired the Jebsen Bulk Pool.

Being geographically and strategically well placed in the busy Pacific North-West, the Seattle office assures day-to- day contact with numerous industries, cargo owners, trading houses, and brokers in North America and Mexico. The Seattle office also looks after the day-to-day operations of all Western Bulk vessels calling the West coast from Panama to British Columbia/ Alaska and Hawaii.

Commodities carried are mainly steel products, grains, agricultural products, and coal/coke.

Name Position Business unit Phone Email
Arturs Krumins Commercial Trainee US West Coast
Charlie Russell Senior Operations Manager US West Coast +1 206 292 0901 Send
Jessica Moylan Office Manager/ TC Controller US West Coast +1 206 388 0384 Send
Oystein Boe President US West Coast +1 206 292 0909 Send
Padraic O'Shea Chartering Manager US West Coast +1 206 436 1147 Send

Western Bulk Carriers (Seattle) Inc

1001 Fourth Avenue, Suite 4105
Seattle, WA 98154, USA

Phone: +1 206 292 0909
Fax: +1 206 292 0904

Commercial: Send mail
Post-Fixture: Send mail