Business Units

South Atlantic / US Gulf

The South Atlantic/US Gulf business unit serves clients loading and/or discharging cargo on the Atlantic coasts of South America and Africa. Cargoes are carried on a trusted base of ships from our core owners and include both spot movements and industrial multi-year contracts.

The business unit also serves the US Gulf/USEC/NCSA area and a broad base of clients with diverse ocean transportation needs originating from the US Gulf and neighboring loading zones from East Coast Canada to North Coast South America. 

The business unit has a small office in Casablanca, Morocco to support our industrial clients on Africa’s Atlantic coast.

The South Atlantic/US Gulf business unit aims to build on growing volumes with our industrial clients, provide personal service and attention on operational issues, and place the Group at the forefront of future trade opportunities.

The South Atlantic/US Gulf business unit is managed out of the Oslo office and operated on average about 50 vessels during 2019. 

Lars Christian Svensen

Business Unit Manager

Steel & Bulk /

Continent - Med.

The Steel & Bulk / Continent - Mediterranean business unit focuses on developing long term industrial relationships with its customers through offering a service with high degree of flexibility and reliability.

The main activity is transport of various steel and bulk cargoes from Black Sea - Mediterranean and Continent - Baltic worldwide. The business unit is also active in trades to and from other destinations, partly on joint venture basis with the other business units in order to utilize the Group´s presence and market knowledge worldwide. Complementary activities include long period tonnage and industrial bulk COAs.

The Steel & Bulk / Cont - Med business unit is managed out of the Oslo office and operated on average about 30 vessels during 2019.

Jan Christian Tungland

Business Unit Manager

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean business unit is based in the Singapore office and operated an average volume of about 30 vessels in the Handysize to Ultramax segment during 2019.


Through its significant customer base, the business unit is active in most dry bulk commodities and services clients on spot, short to medium term as well as on long industrial contracts.

The business unit also runs extensive parceling operations within Asia on various bulk and break-bulk commodities. Via joint setups with the other business units it is also involved in cross-basin trading, and thus linking the Singapore office nicely together with the other offices of the Group.

Vivek Kumar

Business Unit Manager

West Coast South America

The West Coast South America portfolio is run out of the Santiago office and operated on average about 22 vessels during 2019. In addition to the traditionally strong forestry and mineral segments, operations here include transportation of grains, salt,  fertilizers, coal, iron ore and cement clinker.

Firas Basem Douleh

Vice President

Pacific / US West Coast

The Pacific / US West Coast business unit is run out of the Singapore and Seattle offices and operated a fleet of about 25 vessels on average during 2019, ranging from Handysize to Ultramax.


The size and diversity of the Pacific basin demands the portfolio is not just active in the more established core trades but also in niche cargo flows throughout the region. The business unit is continuously striving to develop new working relationships, although the current customer base already necessitates exposure to most bulk commodities, the unit is considered more of a specialist in slag, fertilizer, clinker, coal, steel products, grains, iron ore and pet-coke.


The huge intra and cross basin trades in the region necessitate the Pacific portfolio to work closely with all the other business units. The business unit also represents the Group towards vessel owners based in the Asia region for both spot and period employment.

Torbjørn Gjervik

Business Unit Manager

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