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West Coast South America

Western Bulk has been active in Chile since 1982 and is based in our Santiago office, which was opened in 2006. Being one of our core areas since Western Bulk’s inception, the Chile operations have produced strong relationships with several major Chilean industrial companies.

The West Coast South America business unit operates on average about 10-15 vessels. In addition to the traditionally strong forestry and mineral segments, operations here include transportation of grains, coal, and cement clinker.

Geographically, with the time differences to Europe and the Far East, the Santiago office nicely complements our offices in Oslo, Singapore and Seattle to enable 24-hour accessibility to Western Bulk around the world.


Firas Basem Douleh

Vice President - Head of West Coast South America
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Saleh Bara

Assistant Chartering Manager
+56 (2) 2714 7302
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Suti Holst

Operations Manager
+56 (2) 2714 7306
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Francisco Navia

Port Captain
+56 (9) 9 8870324
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Rayna Tan

TC Controller
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