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Who we are

Western Bulk is a global dry bulk operator with an untraditional business model. We are asset light, trading-oriented and decentralised, and we use risk management as a guiding principle for all our decisions.

Our business model is different from traditional dry bulk companies. We combine solid shipping experience with an asset-light, decentralised and trading-oriented business model with a strong risk management culture.

Western Bulk is headquartered in Oslo, and has offices in Singapore, Seattle, Santiago and Casablanca. The company is a pure dry bulk operator; using a large portfolio of vessels leased to transport cargo for various customers worldwide, either on contract basis or in the spot market.

Our business model of extensive use of optionality in our trading activities, gives us the flexibility to constantly optimize our portfolio of vessels and cargo, and provides an upside potential in volatile or firming markets.

Based on our presence in different markets worldwide, we have built a broad and well-diversified supplier and customer base. In 2018, we used an average fleet of 151 vessels to transport 37,6 million tonnes of dry bulk commodities for more than 300 cargo customers world-wide.