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Bunkers Department

The Bunkers department operates in the spot/contracts/FPP markets and procures physical products for vessels operated by Western Bulk. The department is exposed to high volatility markets with daily price fluctuations. As per 2018 about 600.000 mts of fuel oil, in 200 different ports worldwide was procured.

The Bunkers department strives to provide the best bunkering solutions for the operators in Western Bulk, as well as ensuring products of good quality, correct volume with minimum delays. To perform and achieve these goals, the department works in the best efficient manner, utilizing resources and obtaining long-term strategic relationship with suppliers, brokers and traders in a safe and controlled environment.

What we do

Jonas Gjestang Larsen

Head of Bunkers and Derivatives
+47 2313 3558
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Gustav Arvidsson

Bunker Procurement Manager
+47 2313 3422
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Sara Scaramelli

Head of Bunkers Asia
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