Its strategic location and infrastructure make the port of Singapore one of the busiest in the world. Successful business policies have attracted scores of international companies and the city has become a regional centre of shipping and finance.

Our office in Singapore was established in 2005 (moved from Melbourne where we have had an office since 1984) and is responsible for the overall activity in the Indian Ocean and South East Asia regions.

Taking part in the fast-paced Asian growth and development, the Singapore-managed operations include transportation of mineral products, pet coke, and fertilizers, along with other commodities.

Name Position Business unit Phone Email
Aditi Khilnani Assistant Operations Manager Indian Ocean +6566532335 Send
Alexander Kestler Vice President Pacific +6566532301 Send
Amit Rahul Operations Manager Indian Ocean +6566532302 Send
Bianca Knight Head of Claims Business Support +6566532304 Send
Catherine Yu Ling Lee Accountant Finance +6566532306 Send
Charlie Holman Chartering Manager Indian Ocean +6566532322 Send
David (Cheng Choh) Ng Charterparties Controller Business Support +6566532312 Send
Edwin Lee Charterparties Controller Business Support +6566532313 Send
Erik Park Chartering Manager Pacific +6566532308 Send
Firas Basem Douleh Chartering Manager Indian Ocean +6566532316 Send
Henrik Synnes Operations Trainee Pacific +6566532324 Send
Isabella Kwok Operations Manager Pacific +6566532321 Send
John G. Sokolsky Chartering Manager Indian Ocean +6566532325 Send
Justin Adumekwe Operations Manager Pacific +6566532315 Send
Kai Ling Fong Accountant Finance +6566532317 Send
Karolina Anna Orleanski Risk Manager Risk Management +6566532326 Send
Lisbeth Nordbo Trainee / Junior Analyst Claims & Credit Risk Business Support +6566532336 Send
May May Yong Administrative Officer Business Support +6566532341 Send
Mohneesh Bhutani Chartering Manager Indian Ocean +6566532303 Send
Oznur Ozhan TC Controller Indian Ocean +6566532314 Send
Paolo Da Silva Chartering Manager Indian Ocean +6566532333 Send
Patrick Feng Operations Manager Indian Ocean +6566532334 Send
Ravi Prakash Port Captain Indian Ocean +6566532311
Rio Liu Rui Chao Chartering Manager Pacific +6566532338 Send
Ryan Reddy Claims Manager - Lawyer Business Support +6566532332 Send
Sara Scaramelli Head of Bunkers Asia Bunkers Department +6566532342 Send
Savannah Kilde Operations Manager Pacific +6566532343 Send
Stewart Sanjay Operations Manager Pacific +6566532346 Send
Ting En Lim Accountant Finance +6566532346 Send
Torbjørn Gjervik Senior Vice President Pacific +6566532347 Send
Trang Nguyen Charterparties Controller Business Support +6566532318 Send
Vivek Kumar Senior Vice President Indian Ocean +6566532305 Send
Wade Kao Trainee Pacific +6566532307 Send
Wei-Min Chia Operations Manager Pacific +6566532323 Send
Yenny Sie Accounting Manager WB Pte Ltd Finance +6566532327 Send
Yin Shi Lee TC Controller Pacific +6566532329 Send
Name Phone
Aditi Khilnani +6566532335
Alexander Kestler +6566532301
Amit Rahul +6566532302
Bianca Knight +6566532304
Catherine Yu Ling Lee +6566532306
Charlie Holman +6566532322
David (Cheng Choh) Ng +6566532312
Edwin Lee +6566532313
Erik Park +6566532308
Firas Basem Douleh +6566532316
Henrik Synnes +6566532324
Isabella Kwok +6566532321
John G. Sokolsky +6566532325
Justin Adumekwe +6566532315
Kai Ling Fong +6566532317
Karolina Anna Orleanski +6566532326
Lisbeth Nordbo +6566532336
May May Yong +6566532341
Mohneesh Bhutani +6566532303
Oznur Ozhan +6566532314
Paolo Da Silva +6566532333
Patrick Feng +6566532334
Rio Liu Rui Chao +6566532338
Ryan Reddy +6566532332
Sara Scaramelli +6566532342
Savannah Kilde +6566532343
Stewart Sanjay +6566532346
Ting En Lim +6566532346
Torbjørn Gjervik +6566532347
Trang Nguyen +6566532318
Vivek Kumar +6566532305
Wade Kao +6566532307
Wei-Min Chia +6566532323
Yenny Sie +6566532327
Yin Shi Lee +6566532329

Vivek Kumar, Managing Director

Western Bulk Pte Ltd

No. 16 Collyer Quay, #28-01, Singapore 049318

Phone: +65 6653 2300
Fax: +65 6622 0301

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Western Bulk

Email and IT-related Fraud Alert

There is an increasing risk of attempted fraud and other security threats via email. In particular, Western Bulk has noticed an increase of fraudulent requests to change bank account details of suppliers/creditors, in an attempt to redirect payments to criminals and not to the intended recipient. We encourage everyone to be vigilant and learn to detect fraudulent email instructions - seemingly legitimate emails may contain fraudulent information, this is not just a cybersecurity matter.

As a result, Western Bulk will treat any notice of bank account changes as suspicious. Urgent pressure to effect payment as soon as possible without verification of the changes will also be treated as suspicious.

Please note that Western Bulk would not inform of changes to bank account details by email notice alone. In the unlikely event that we need to change a beneficiary name or our other bank account details, we would personally contact our supplier or customer in order to personally verify any change in details.

Similarly, we ask that all our suppliers and creditors:

1. first notify us in writing and
2. personally verify any change in bank details or change in beneficiary in any payment advice to Western Bulk.

In summary, notices of bank account changes will require voice confirmation from your Western Bulk contact, either by telephone or face to face, before payment can be authorised so please make sure to notify any changes in good time.